Government to invest £3m into Central ward’s health service

Weston High Street seen from the roof of the new Dolphin Square development.

Weston High Street seen from the roof of the new Dolphin Square development. - Credit: Archant

Millions of pounds will be invested into Weston’s Central ward to improve primary care.

Richard Nightingale

Richard Nightingale - Credit: Archant

Health Secretary Matt Hancock wrote to Weston MP John Penrose to reveal that more than £3.2million will be allocated to the struggling ward.

Statistics have shown the area to be among the most deprived wards in the seaside town.

In his letter, Mr Hancock said: “I am delighted to let you know as part of our long-term plan for the NHS, the following investments will be made in your constituency.

“We strongly support our NHS and want to help it to be the best it can be. Today’s investment shows we are making reality of that support in your area.

Mike Bell.

Mike Bell. - Credit: Sub

“We are funding the North Somerset Primary Care, Central Weston scheme with new investment, which will deliver relocation of an existing practice.”

It is part of almost £1billion pledged by the Government to modernise and upgrade a variety of NHS services across the country to ensure world-class care post-Brexit.

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Mr Penrose said: “Leaving the EU means we will have more freedom to spend our cash on the issues people care about.

“For many of us here in Weston, we will look straight towards improving our local health services, and this is a welcome first instalment.”

Central ward councillors Mike Bell and Richard Nightingale have been long-standing campaigners on the subject of health services.

Cllr Bell said: “This award of £3million for primary care in Weston is fantastic news, and I am absolutely delighted years of campaigning by local people has paid off.

“This funding should mean we can fast-track improved GP and health services in Weston centre, something that is urgently needed. I’ll be pressing hard for the investment to be delivered quickly, in the right place and in the right way.”

Cllr Nightingale said: “On the back of this, there must now be a reinvigorated effort to increase living standards and prosperity in the area, to make our town one we can all be proud of.”

The Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire Clinical Commissioning Group was ‘delighted’ by the news, saying it ‘looked forward to providing more details in the near future’.