Weston Museum to close on Mondays for winter period

Weston Museum. Picture: Keith Spicer

Weston Museum. Picture: Keith Spicer - Credit: Keith Spicer

Weston Museum will be closed every Monday for four months, it has been announced.

The opening hours of the recently-refurbished museum have been reviewed and, until the end of February, it will not open to the public on Mondays.

Visitor services manager Matt Hardy said: “The Monday closures will allow us to build a more robust programme of museum events.”

Chairman of the museum and heritage committee, John Crockford-Hawley, said: “We have clear evidence to show Mondays are not much favoured by the visiting public.

“With few visitors on Mondays it seems sensible to make that the one day in the week when closure will save staff and volunteer time and of course lessen the amount of rate-supported expenditure.”

The museum will also close early on November 9 as the museum staff will be taking part in the carnival for the first time in years.

The colourful procession will snake through the town centre, with the floats setting off at 7.15pm.