Mum calls cops to pull up knickers

A SERIAL nuisance caller who dialled 999 to tell police her 'knickers had fallen down' could face a prison sentence and an ASBO

A SERIAL nuisance caller who dialled 999 to tell police her 'knickers had fallen down' could face a prison sentence and an ASBO.Sarah Redman made 160 calls to the police and 47 to the ambulance service from October 2005 to June 2007. On 31 occasions an ambulance has been sent out to her.The 54-year-old who lives in Clarence Park Road South, Weston, pleaded guilty to contravening the Communication Act when she appeared before magistrates at North Somerset Courthouse in St Georges on Monday.Sue Thomas, prosecuting, said the police received 14 calls from a 'drunk woman', calling herself Sarah Jackson from All Saints Road, on June 28 this year.She said: "By 3.15am she had made 10 calls and police went to the address in All Saints Road.""While they were there another call was made."A PC Wallis recognised the voice as being that of Sarah Redman and the police arrived at her address in Clarence Park Road South at 3.45am. By then 14 calls had been made."The content of the calls ranged from what she was cooking for her son's breakfast and how her knickers had fallen down to how her toilet was broken."The police were invited in by Mrs Redman and when she was asked why she called them, she said 'to unblock my toilet'."She then went on to talk about her toilet, carpet and son. She veered between being very abusive and telling the police she loved them."Robin Rowlands, defending, said: "The defendant has a drink problem and is quite clearly an alcoholic."The second thing is that she suffers from depression and the combination of that and the alcohol makes her do things she otherwise wouldn't do."I am also going to ask the probation service to pay attention to whether she needs assessment by a psychologist."She wants me to say she is sorry. She knows if she is making calls to the emergency services they are prevented from going to anyone else."She tells me she has given up her mobile phone as she realises the temptation of it when she is drunk."The Crown Prosecution Service asked for an antisocial behaviour order (ASBO) to be imposed on Redman with a condition attached that she does not make or incite 999 calls, except in the case of a real emergency.The case was adjourned until August 3 when Redman is expected to be sentenced and find out whether she will get an ASBO. The harshest possible sentences for such an offence include a £5,000 fine or a six month prison sentence.On Monday Redman also faced a charge of assault but that case was adjourned until July 23 so more information could be gathered.

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