Mum forced to sell up to find son a good school

A MUM and dad have been forced to put their house up for sale in a desperate bid to get their only child into their favourite school

A MUM and dad have been forced to put their house up for sale in a desperate bid to get their only child into their favourite school.Adele Tyler, of Shiplate Road, Bleadon, made the 'heart breaking' decision to leave her dream home to give her young son, Alex, a chance of getting into the school of their choice.The 42-year-old chiropractor's assistant and her husband, David, aged 46, feel they have no choice but to move from North Somerset.She said she knows of up to 15 parents in the village who are considering the same drastic action.Mrs Tyler has been warned her seven-year-old son may not be able to transfer from Lympsham First School to Hugh Sexey Middle School in Blackford, both run by Somerset County Council, because they live in North Somerset.The family is also considering applying to Fairlands Middle School in Cheddar.Somerset County Council gives priority to children who live within the authority's boundaries. Pupils living outside the area are only awarded spare places not taken up by children living within the county council's boundary.The Tylers say they were forced to send Alex to Lympsham First School because primary schools in Uphill and Hutton were full.The root of the problem, says Mrs Tyler, is that children from Bleadon are not guaranteed entrance into any school either in North Somerset or Somerset. Mrs Tyler said: "We have spent a fortune on our home. But we are prepared to sacrifice this and living in an ideal village to get our son into the right school."The headteacher at Lympsham said she is concerned that Alex will not get into Hugh Sexey in 2007 and the only way he would is to move closer to the school."The school is oversubscribed for this September and we were told the situation is just likely to get worse."Out of desperation we have put the house on the market. We are stressed and do not know if we are doing the right thing. It is heartbreaking."Lympsham used to be a feeder school for Hugh Sexey and children would go on from one to the other by right. But not any 0more."I cannot believe we may have to move from a village we love."If parents leave to find schools elsewhere, Bleadon will become an old person's village."The county council confirmed Hugh Sexy Middle School was oversubscribed and the proper admissions policy in this case had been followed.A council education spokesman said: "For children transferring onto a middle school priority is now given to local children, to ensure that they have a place at their local school.