Mum’s complaint about ‘embarrassing eyesore’

A WORLE mother-of-five says the area behind her house has become an ‘embarrassing eyesore’.

Vicki Green, of Tawny Way in Mead Vale, says she no longer allows her children to play on the land at the back of her property.

The self-employed hairdresser says she is embarrassed by the state of the land, as she feels it reflects badly on the properties in the area, as well as her business that she runs from home.

The former Priory school pupil, who has lived in her house for 18 years, says the problem has gradually got worse over time.

She says the council does clear up the area occasionally, but that it would need a whole day for workers to completely clear the broken glass, overgrown brambles and fly tipping there. She said: “I don’t like my children to play there as it’s too dangerous now.

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“There is glass and rubbish everywhere, partly caused by people fly tipping and partly by kids.

“It’s an eyesore and a lot of houses don’t sell in the area or it takes a while because of it.

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“It lowers property values and attracts more rubbish. It’s disgusting.”

A North Somerset Council spokesman says there have been a couple of fly tipping incidents in Tawny Way, which workers have cleared as soon as possible.

They added: “We would ask anyone who spots this antisocial practice to contact us with as many details as possible so we can attempt to track down those responsible and prosecute them if we can.”

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