Crowdfunding campaign for new theatre show

Mumblecrust's first show, The Tale Of The Cockatrice, won awards.

Mumblecrust's first show, The Tale Of The Cockatrice, won awards. - Credit: Supplied

A theatre company has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise thousands of pounds to create a new family show.

The award-winning Mumblecrust Theatre is appealing for help to raise £2,000 for its adaptation of The Time Machine by HG Wells.

Mumblecrust Theatre is run by Katie Underhay, from Worle, and Anthony Burbridge who won awards for their debut production The Tale Of The Cockatrice last year.

The money raised will go towards buying materials to make puppets, building the set, and designing costumes and props.

The duo will also compose original music for the show and hope to be able to take it on tour in the UK.

Katie said: “Crowdfunding is all about teamwork.

“We are so grateful for the support we have received from Theatre Shop, Take Art and from all the wonderful backers of our kickstarter campaign so far.

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“We have spoken to so many audience members who want to see more of what we do, so this is a real chance for people to directly support a local theatre-maker.

“Just like The Tale Of The Cockatrice, this show will be full of puppetry, music and storytelling for the whole family to enjoy, with a focus on seven to 11 year olds.

“Hardly any theatre is made with this age group in mind and we believe theatre-goers deserve as much choice as possible.

“When talking about challenges we can’t deny making theatre can be tough.

“When you are up to your neck in it you feel closer to tears than to joy.

“Yes it can be hard, but we think audiences pick up on the love and attention to detail we pour into our creative process.

“We did it once and we’ll do it again, but this time better.

“We know what challenges await us and we are prepared.

“One way or another, come rain or shine – and with a little help from you – we’re bringing The Time Machine to the world.”

As well as the crowdfunding campaign, Katie and Anthony have applied for additional arts funding.

The fundraising deadline is October 4 and the show’s premiere is earmarked for Theatre Shop in spring 2019.

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