Mural nears completion in Weston

Martin D'Arcy's mural in Weston-super-Mare.

Martin D'Arcy's mural in Weston-super-Mare. - Credit: Martin D'Arcy

Martin D'Arcy is set  for the final stages of completing his latest mural in Weston.  

The artist says it is a gift to the town which has been sponsored by local businesses and homeowners. 

Martin approached The Royal Hotel a couple of years ago and asked for permission to paint a mural on their wall opposite the technical college, which was granted.

He then designed four themes and posted them on social media, asking people to vote on the one they would like featured on the wall. 

Martin said: “The response was amazing, after a week, thousands of votes were counted and the orca and turtle won by a small margin. 

“I then set up a GoFundMe page to raise enough money to create it, the response from local people and businesses was amazing and we raised more than a thousand pounds in a week. 

“Work began a couple of weeks ago and is nearing completion. Thousands of people have responded to the ongoing in-progress pics and many say how much it brightens up their day.” 

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