Weston heritage project handed £10k boost

Know Your Place has had a £10k cash boost. Picture: North Somerset Council

Know Your Place has had a £10k cash boost. Picture: North Somerset Council - Credit: North Somerset Council

A heritage volunteer project has been awarded a £10,000 boost to work on bringing Weston’s history to centre stage.

The National Lottery Heritage Fund presented the money to the council’s Great Weston Heritage Action Zone (HAZ) to create an improved volunteer project.

The team of ‘super volunteers’ will aim to work with the community and unearth historical gems from North Somerset’s history.

The money will be used to boost the digital mapping programme, Know Your Place, which aims to create a map of what the area looked like 100 years ago to the present day.

The online project overlays maps from history, allowing people to compare how they differ from the streets of today.

MORE: The conservation area was approved at the end of last year.The team behind the programme has been working with Weston Museum, Weston Town Council, Historic England and the HAZ to have the resources to add its collection of local heritage information to the Know Your Place website.

Elfan Ap Rees, deputy leader of North Somerset Council, said: “The new volunteer programme will allow Know Your Place to grow and start working with schools and community groups, opening up the history of North Somerset.

“We will use digital technology to enable people to see how their street or community has changed over the years, offering a historical source for communities to research their area.”

MORE: The HAZ was officially launched in March 2017.The programme is one of the latest projects to promote the HAZ, which is part of the Weston Town Centre Regeneration Programme, to deliver improvements to key sites in the town and encouraging inward development.

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Cat Lodge and Kate Hudson-McAulay, the council’s archaeologist and conservation and heritage officer, said: “This grant will allow us to spark the interest of our local heritage and offer it to any generation.

“We will create a group of volunteers able to teach the local community how to add their own piece of history to this amazing resource and train young ambassadors to engage with schools and help inspire a new generation on the joys of their local heritage.”

Log on to maps.bristol.gov.uk/kyp/?edition=nsom to load your historic information.