Needles are dumped in alleyway

PUBLISHED: 15:00 29 January 2011

Needles 4

Needles 4


BAGS of used needles dumped on a public footpath is ‘very disturbing’, according to a Weston Sergeant.

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Carrier bags brimming with boxes of dirty syringes were found in the town centre by a concerned passer-by last week who alerted North Somerset Council immediately.

The containers, which had written warnings on the label against mixing alcohol and heroin, were found in an alleyway off Orchard Street between Hussians restaurant and the Workingmen’s Club.

The unitary authority sent a specialist crew to the scene, wearing protective clothing, who removed the bags and disposed of the needles in a safe bin.

Town centre Sergeant, Pete Land, said: “We get occasional calls about needles being found but Weston has been fairly needle-free for a long time, so this is a real concern to me.

Needles 5

“The level of needle use in Weston is low and as they are in boxes this suggests that people are not openly injecting, but the fact that they are dropping the boxes in the street is very disturbing and is irresponsible.”

Sgt Land said the needles do not necessarily belong to a drug user as they may belong to a legitimate user who has failed to dispose of them correctly.

He also stressed that by leaving such items lying about a child or an animal could easily stumble upon them.

Alfred Street resident, Tom Conibear, aged 24, who works in Orchard Street, said: “It’s what happens when you open a lot of rehabilitation places in Weston and I don’t see what they can do to stop this from happening.”


Owner of Orchard Street’s men’s fashion shop, The Sole Room, David Evans, said Weston residents are just used to ‘this sort of thing’.

He said: “I’m not shocked that needles were found. It’s just what Weston’s like. In fact it’s not just here it’s everywhere in all towns and I don’t think a lot can be done to stop it.”

Sgt Land said that police do patrol all alleyways, needle disposal bins are provided at the police station and if anyone does find needles he wants to know about it.

A North Somerset Council spokesman said: “The advice to anyone finding a syringe is not to touch it and if it’s on public land give us a call and we will come and remove it.”

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