Bristol Airport’s £100 fines for drivers caught dropping passengers outside designated zones

Bristol Airport wants to cater for 20 million passengers in future. Picture: BBC LDRS

Bristol Airport wants to cater for 20 million passengers in future. Picture: BBC LDRS - Credit: BBC LDRS

Bristol Airport has introduced an £100 fine for motorists who pick up or drop off anyone outside official parking areas or pick-up/drop-off zones.

A van is understood to patrol the airport 24/7 looking for offenders and handing out fines.

The news comes amid opposition to the airport's plans for expansion at a time local authorities attempt to improve air quality and reduce carbon emissions.

Bristol Airport says the recently introduced £100 instant fine is to deter motorists from 'unsafe' behaviour, and that air quality at the airport is within Government objective limits.

The number of hours a day the enforcement vehicle spends driving around the airport will fall as more fixed cameras are installed, an airport spokesman said.

The airport would not confirm when the £100 fine was introduced but signs warning motorists are understood to have appeared last month.

The airport spokesman said: "All of the internal roadways at the airport have experienced a long-standing issue with vehicles stopping in unsafe areas, particularly on pedestrian crossings.

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"This poses a high risk to the safety of our customers, colleagues and business partners and causes delay and congestion to other road users.

"We conducted research with other airports around the UK and investigated the use of an external company providing us with an enforcement service. Newly installed signs across the site further underline the message to all customers.

"Drivers breaking the rules may face charges which will be enforced through a combination of fixed cameras and mobile patrols."

The airport did not answer questions about how much money it had collected in fines since the £100 penalty was introduced, or how much money it collects in parking fees every year.

'Short stay and pick up' and 'drop and go' areas are located close to the terminal, the spokesman said.

A new waiting zone by the entrance to the Silver Zone car park offers free parking for up to 60 minutes and is linked to the terminal by a frequent shuttle bus service.

The spokesman added: "We are committed to safety and working with reputable regulated service providers to maintain the safety of all customers and staff of Bristol Airport at all times."