NEW FIGURES: Road accidents in North Somerset

PUBLISHED: 08:00 10 October 2016

New figures have been released which show road accidents in certain weather.

New figures have been released which show road accidents in certain weather.


Almost a quarter of road collisions in North Somerset occurred in poor weather conditions over the past year, new figures have revealed.

However, a leading Weston road safety charity has warned against blaming the elements for these accidents, insisting instead that ‘drivers cause collisions’.

Statistics released this week by the Department of Transport show the number of accidents has decreased slightly in the past year, but 81 of the district’s 339 accidents occurred when roads were wet or flooded.

Four people died in accidents in 2015, compared to just one in 2014. However, there were slightly fewer accidents overall, with the figure then sitting at 370.

Neil Bayliss, from Weston Institute of Advanced Motorists, said there are a host of problems when the weather is wet, including an increased volume of traffic.

He said: “Nearly a third of collisions occurred in wet conditions. Does this mean wet roads cause collisions? No. Drivers cause collisions.

“Every driver needs to drive according to the prevailing road conditions at that time; if the roads are wet they must drive slower.

“We call on all local drivers to improve their driving skills so this winter no-one dies on North Somerset roads.

“I have used the term collisions and not accidents. There are no accidents. Ultimately someone is always at fault for not driving appropriately.”

A spokesman for North Somerset Council said: “It is great news the number of accidents in North Somerset is reducing. It could be down to a combination of issues including road improvements and milder winters.

“We want to further reduce our accident figures.”

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