Summer 2020 opening date planned for care complex in Yatton

An artist's impression of Strawberry Gardens extra care facility planned for Yatton. Picture: Housin

An artist's impression of Strawberry Gardens extra care facility planned for Yatton. Picture: Housing 21 - Credit: Housing 21

Building work has begun on a care facility but concerns have been raised about it causing traffic problems once up and running.

Not-for-profit organisation Housing 21 is building a 60-place complex at Yatton's North End, within the Bloor Homes housing estate.

The centre, which will be called Strawberry Gardens, is next to where a new school will be built.

But a perceived lack of parking spaces caused concern among Yatton Parish Council members at a meeting on Monday.

Only one space for two flats is planned.

But Lorraine Jenner, Housing 21's head of extra care relationships for the South West, downplayed them, saying often residents do not own a car and talked of a potential link with Yeo Valley Lions to provide a bus service.

She added: "It's going to be called Strawberry Gardens because it's close to the Strawberry Line.

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"We need to check Royal Mail is happy with that."

Strawberry Gardens is receiving financial support from North Somerset Council and Homes England to provide affordable care places.

Places at Strawberry Gardens will not be limited to people living within Yatton, but Ms Jenner said there had already been some local interest.

Ann Nunnerley, who will be Strawberry Gardens' housing manager, told councillors the court will have a community feel to it.

She said: "It is going to be a lovely building and knowing there is going to be a school next door is great."

Plans are already being formulated about activities the residents and pupils can do together, such as gardening.

Each of the flats will have two bedrooms, allowing people to have a spare room for family or for a carer, if necessary.

There will be private lounges and bathrooms within each apartment. Pets will be allowed too.

Ms Nunnerley added: "It's not a care home.

"It's independent living with care facilities."

A number of communal spaces are also planned. A hair salon, accessible to residents and villagers, bistro, buggy storage and laundry facilities are all planned.

Building work is expected to be completed in the spring, ahead of the complex opening in June 2020.

An information day will be held at Yatton Rugby Club on August 22 and a launch event on September 26 at the same venue.