New sports hall on village wish list

A PURPOSE-BUILT sports hall to replace buildings in 'injury-time' could form part of a plan to enhance existing facilities in Winscombe

A PURPOSE-BUILT sports hall to replace buildings in 'injury-time' could form part of a plan to enhance existing facilities in Winscombe.It is hoped new modern facilities will give youngsters somewhere to hang out and cut vandalism. The ideas put forward by Winscombe Community Association (WCA) are aimed at stimulating debate in the village about a forthcoming parish plan. Winscombe and Sandford Parish Council wants to ask residents for their views on the village's future. Councillor Steve Bridges is producing a leaflet which will be sent to all households in the parish.WCA chairman David Griffis wants to be a member of the parish plan steering group, consisting of other residents and councillors, to help with ways of improving the village. Mr Griffis says old wooden buildings owned by the WCA, off Sandford Road, are in 'injury-time' and it is time to think about the association's 'long-term' goals.He said: "If you tot up all the space we have between the four buildings it is quite a lot. I've been told by surveyors there is no point spending money on the wooden buildings behind the community centre because they are so flimsy."We could use the space to create a modern facility used by the village's sports clubs, such as cricket and perhaps even football or rugby, for out of season training. It would provide a place for young people who would not then have reason to vandalise it."The WCA is spending £15,000 on security measures for the community centre as a result of vandalism and theft which cost the organisation £22,000 last year.He added: "A playground is another possibility so younger children can have a place in the centre of the village where they can play, not just at the Recreation Ground."The plan will be a catalyst for the enhancement of the association's existing facilities and the replacement of the three wooden buildings. The process, borne out of consultation with all residents, will be very good for the village and the centre.

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