Worle resident left with maggot-infested bins during heatwave

Biffa has been running the waste and recycling services since 2017.

A Worle resident says his bins are collected once every six weeks since North Somerset Council took over Biffa's duties. - Credit: Archant

A Worle resident has claimed North Somerset Council's bin service collects his waste just once every six weeks, which led to one neighbour being confronted with a fox.

Keith Eyers told the Mercury that the number of maggots, rats and foxes attracted to the rubbish left outside his High Street flat has only increased as summer temperatures climb.

The council has been responsible for bin collections since March 1. The authority's website states the High Street's collection is scheduled for every Tuesday, though Mr Eyers explained this is 'rarely the case'.

Worle High Street bins left for six weeks during heatwave.

The issue has only been worsened by the recent heatwave. - Credit: Keith Eyers

He said: "Collections are supposed to be on Tuesday, according to the council, but it is usually on Friday that the drivers complete their rounds on our street - if we are lucky.

"Currently, I have not had my bins collected for seven weeks and the heat has magnified the issue. There are tonnes of maggots, rats and the smell is awful.

"I contact the council twice a week, but I have never heard back from them on the matter."

North Somerset Council accused of leaving residents with full bins for six weeks.

A handful of residents on Worle High Street claim to have issues with their bin collections. - Credit: Keith Eyers

Mr Eyers believes a part of the issue could be that his bins are placed at the back of his premises and binmen need to access it through Greenwood Road. Although, he said he has never had an issue with recycling collections.

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Keith said five other residents share his concerns about their bins, with one being confronted by a fox while the animal rooted through their rubbish.

North Somerset Council's executive for Neighbourhoods and Community Services, Mike Solomon, is tasked with overseeing waste collection, but believes his team has performed well under difficult circumstances.

Cllr Mike Solomon

Cllr Mike Solomon said the feedback has been positive since the council started collecting bins. - Credit: NSC

Cllr Solomon told the Mercury: "Since we took over Biffa's role with collections, I have had positive feedback.

"Recently it has been hard as we have had a number of drivers off with Covid, and 20 more staff having to isolate as a result which set us back.

"However, we have pulled in agency workers and largely caught up and are back on schedule, so it is hard to believe this is the case [with Mr Eyers]."

For more information on the council's bin collection policy, visit www.n-somerset.gov.uk/my-services/bins-recycling

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