We must all do our bit to bring cases down

North Somerset Council leader Don Davies and deputy leader Mike Bell.

North Somerset Council leader Don Davies and deputy leader Mike Bell. - Credit: Archant

This past week, as we now experience Lockdown 2, has brought three very clear themes to mind.

The first is one of optimism that, by the spring of next year, there may be a viable mass vaccination programme underway, though the logistical challenges of delivering multiple doses to all and the infrastructure to keep the vaccine appropriately stored will be significant.

The vaccination programme will be led by our NHS colleagues and we as a council will be doing all we can to support them.

The second is the steep climb in Covid-19 infection rates locally; North Somerset is now above both the regional and national average after a continuing climb in cases.

The Government has made clear its intention to end the national restrictions at the beginning of December and return us to the regional and local tiers system.

This has really brought home the vital importance of following Hands-Face-Space and going the extra mile to do our bit together to get case numbers down.

We want to be in the best possible place in December to have fewer restrictions and get our businesses open again. None of us want a Christmas present of Lockdown 3.

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The third theme is one of change, very little will be the same as pre-Covid 19.

Where and how we work is going to be different, shopping and leisure habits have altered fundamentally and there will be new travel patterns.

So, we as a council will be changing too, how we deliver services and support our society in this new world are all now under review.

There have been some positives, the adoption of digital means of communication for work and social reason is one, but there are also very many who we shall need to support, those directly affected by the virus and those whose lives and mental health much impacted.

Whilst we must concentrate now on the challenges of living with a highly infectious Covid-19 virus, we must also plan now for recovery.

North Somerset Council leader Don Davies and deputy leaderĀ  Mike Bell.

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