‘Stay home and save lives’

North Somerset Council's leader and deputy leader are urging people to heed the Government's advice

North Somerset Council's leader and deputy leader are urging people to heed the Government's advice and stay home. - Credit: Archant

North Somerset Council leader Don Davies and deputy leader Mike Bell are urging people to stay home to limit the spread of coronavirus and protect the NHS.

In a joint statement to the public, they said: “The message is very clear – stay at home as much as possible, save lives, do as the scientists ask.

“Over the past few days most people across North Somerset have been doing just that.

“But if you are tempted to go out and continue with plans that go against advice, do not.

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“Severely limiting time with others is the only way we can protect ourselves, our families, our NHS – and save thousands of lives.

“Action is vital because it is proven that limiting our social interaction works to slow the spread of the coronavirus.

“Anyone who is not already self-isolating, because they are showing symptoms or in a high-risk category, should be practising social distancing.

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“That means staying at home as much as possible, keeping the kids at home, working from home if you can and minimising your contacts outside your household.

“The longer people ignore this advice and carry on as normal, the more people will catch the virus and the more people will die. It is that simple.

“Anyone ignoring the advice is putting lives at risk, including potentially their own.

“When you must go out – to get food or medicines, go to essential work or get some much-needed exercise, for example, you need to significantly limit face-to-face contact with other people. “That means keeping at least two metres away from other people and avoiding busy or crowded places where the risks are higher.

“North Somerset Council and other public services are working around the clock to ensure people receive essential services, stay safe and get the care they need when they need it.

“If you appreciate the enormous sacrifice being made by public sector workers, including the NHS staff who are putting their own health at risk to help local people, play your part.

“The efforts of these amazing people can only work if every individual, every family and every business listen to the advice. Stay home and save lives.”