North Somerset Council makes insurance claim after vehicle damaged from defect in road

PUBLISHED: 13:00 23 May 2017

North Somerset Council made an insurance claim after one of its vehicles encountered a defect in the road.

North Somerset Council made an insurance claim after one of its vehicles encountered a defect in the road.


A defect in the road, colliding with a road sign and reversing into a tree are just some of the reasons why North Somerset Council has made more than 200 insurance claims on its vehicles in the past six years.

North Somerset Council.North Somerset Council.

The council has made 201 insurance claims since 2011, a Mercury freedom of information request has revealed.

The council has 97 fleet vehicles which are used by staff, including cars, vans minibuses and tractors.

The authority was forced to make 36 insurance claims after staff reversed into various objects, including bollards, boulders, skips and other cars, while at the wheel of its fleet vehicles.

The council, which is responsible for the maintenance of roads in the district, also cited a defect in one of its own highways as the cause for a claim.

North Somerset’s vehicles fell victim to vandalism 14 times over the period, while severe weather prompted seven insurance claims.

Council staff hit third-party vehicles on the road 28 times over the six-year period, while third-party drivers collided with council vehicles on 35 occasions.

The council says it has a ‘robust driver induction process detailing all aspects of mobility’ based on its driver and vehicle policy to ensure high driving standards for staff using fleet vehicles.

A spokesman said: “All drivers are familiarised with this policy prior to being given permission to use a council fleet vehicle.

“The policy is wide-ranging and covers detailed procedures, and best practices to ensure the safe use of motor vehicles, specifically the strict requirement to conduct pre-use walk around checks and how to report defects.”

The spokesman said the council is leading the way in using technology on its fleet vehicles, which it says has reduced accidents.

They added: “This council was the first public body to install accident management cameras in all vehicles as standard to compliment the tracking system used to manage the vehicles.

“This has resulted in the ability to successfully defend spurious claims, and substantial reduction in accidents, as well as continuing to successfully mitigate increases in our motor vehicle insurance premiums.”

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