Election 2019: Transport plans for North Somerset

The funds will be used to improve disabled access to Weston Railway Station. Picture: Mark Atherton

The funds will be used to improve disabled access to Weston Railway Station. Picture: Mark Atherton - Credit: Archant

Trains, planes and automobiles are likely to be key considerations of any would-be councillor over the next four years.

Ahead of Thursday’s election, main political parties explained what their priori tie is for North Somerset are.


A new district-wide car parking policy is ready for wider consultation.

We are looking at schemes to improve traffic flow and parking capacity in Weston, plus a new A368/Banwell Bypass scheme.

North Somerset is in the top five in England for the condition of our roads and increased spending on verge maintenance. Train service also to be improved and talking to Great Western Railway about improvement to Weston station area.

The council has also been working with Network Rail to make millions of pounds of other improvements to Weston station itself making it more inviting.

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Moving forward with renovation of entrance into the town and better access from motorway.

We have also doubled road maintenance, extended and maintained coastal paths and developed cycle routes.

There is new investment of £600,000 in home to school transport too.

Increased investment in the road network across North Somerset, including Junction 21.

Green Party:

The Green Party believes a sustainable transport system is essential not just to connect communities, but also to reduce congestion, air pollution and tackle climate change.

We will campaign for investment in public transport where it will improve community connections and benefit the environment, such as the Portishead rail line.

We will seek to encourage walking and cycling by campaigning for better infrastructure for cyclists such as the extension of the Strawberry Line to Clevedon. We want to make pedestrians safety a priority and will campaign for funding safe crossings and reduction of speed limits in residential areas.

We will fight to keep vital bus connections between the villages of North Somerset open and to protect existing community bus services from cuts.

We will campaign for the restoration of subsidies for rural services and support for community transport.


Public transport should be affordable and reliable.

Trains and buses should be available for all – for work and travel.

Transport should be for the people not for shareholders.

* End the nonsense of public transport only running if it makes a profit by subsidising local and community transport

* Investing in cycle routes to increase choice and health

* Exploring the use of electric buses

* More investment in our roads

* To reopen the passenger line to Portishead

Liberal Democrats:

Liberal Democrats believe local public transport is not fit for the people who live here.

We want a better mix of buses and rail services, investment in cycling and pedestrian-friendly town and village centres, and a focus on delivering a sustainable transport network that is more affordable, more reliable and less polluting.

This means delivering the Portishead railway, campaigning for new rail and bus routes, and investigating a park and ride and other sustainable mass transit schemes for Weston and Bristol Airport.

It also means delivering targeted improvements to the road networks, including tackling our key motorway junctions once and for all. In addition, we want to incentivise electric vehicles and have district-wide charging ports.

The Conservative administration has been slow to act and muddled in its responses.

It is a common sense approach that has been missing and we would bring that back.

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