Villages ‘gone forever’ if plans for 25,000 homes are approved?


- Credit: Getty Images/iStockphoto

Villagers are calling on people to pay more attention to plans which could see some ‘spaces gone forever’.

North Somerset Villages Alliance (NSVA) wants people to take interest in proposals backed by North Somerset Council for more than 2,500 homes at Mendip Springs, between Congresbury and Churchill.

The group is considering hosting workshops to inform villagers about housing and infrastructure developments on their doorstep – as it believes people may not be aware of the scale of plans for North Somerset.

Its chairman Mary Short said: “We think the majority might be surprised by what the council has in store for us.

“The council issues plans with titles designed to deter people from taking part in local democracy.

“But these plans are crucial to the way in which North Somerset will develop over the next few decades.

“Once village spaces are lost to buildings they are gone forever.”