Objections to boundary changes in Nailsea

BACKWELL and Wraxall parish councils have voiced their objections over giving up some of their land to Nailsea Town Council.

BACKWELL and Wraxall parish councils have voiced their objections over giving up some of their land to Nailsea Town Council.

The town council is considering moving parish boundaries so Nailsea would take on The Elms, Nailsea and Backwell station car park and Backwell Lake.

Nailsea Town Council has asked the leaders of Backwell and Wraxall parish councils to meet to discuss the move, but the suggestion has come up against opposition from both parties.

Backwell councillors said they were concerned the village could soon be incorporated into Nailsea if the green belt near the railway, which they said acts as a natural barrier between the two parishes, is taken over by the town.

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Members also voiced concerns over the effect it would have on the council's precept.

Backwell parish councillor, Rodney Drew, said: "It won't only affect people of Nailsea but also people of Backwell.

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"It's absolutely ridiculous. We've got to go to the residents of Backwell and ask what they think about it."

The council agreed to meet with Nailsea Town Council to find out the reasons behind the proposal and to voice their opposition to the changes.

Wraxall Parish Council was due to meet to talk about the issue as the Times went to press, but chairman Chris Ambrose said he had already received a lot of negative reactions towards the plans.

He said: "The reaction from the residents of The Elms has been very much against it.

"We still don't have a proper argument for why the council wants to do it. Until we know, it will be awfully difficult to say whether we agree or not."

Nailsea Town Council has suggested moving the parish boundary to The Elms in the east, to Clevedon Road in the west, to Land Yeo River in the north and to include Backwell Lake and Nailsea and Backwell Station car park to the south.

Councillor Rod Lees said: "We are trying to find out if it's appropriate to reconsider the boundaries if it will improve the communities.

"Youngwood Lane area (which almost leads up to the railway track) is in Nailsea anyway. We thought about making it right up to the railway line to square the area off.

"The management of the lake is also an issue. It's the most beautiful feature in the whole area and we want to make sure it is properly managed.

"The Elms is just outside Nailsea and it looks like it should be in the town. People also use the services in Nailsea. We need to be logical and look at the whole area and see what makes sense to the whole community."

If the councils agree on the proposal they will then have to seek permission from North Somerset Council to have the parish boundaries altered.

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