One car for entire village?

A CAR shared by an entire village could soon be bought in Wedmore.

A CAR shared by an entire village could soon be bought in Wedmore.

The village green group is eager to set up the scheme for residents but needs someone to help get it started.

It would like the initiative to start in the Somerset village so that people who do not use a car very often, or households that only need a second car occasionally, can register to use the vehicle.

Wedmore Green Group spokesman Steve Mewes said: "Most of our members work full time so someone who is retired or knows how to use the internet would be ideal to set up the scheme.

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"We could have a link on our website and residents could book the car when they needed it.

"Buying and running a vehicle can be expensive and it costs a lot to tax and insure it. If lots of people joined the cost per person would be very low.

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"The green group is also keen to see fewer cars on the road which would have great environmental benefits."

If it proves to be popular, the scheme could include another car, if lots of people ended up using the first one.

Anyone interested in helping is urged to email Steve on or visit

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