Our mouldy ‘carrot’...

A GIANT ‘carrot’ in the town centre appears to be going mouldy.

Readers brought the problem at the Silica on Weston’s Big Lamp Corner to our attention so we endeavoured to investigate.

The structure, which cost �280,000 in 2006, is a piece of public art labelled by locals as ‘the carrot’ because it is shaped like the vegetable.

The tower was built as part of North Somerset Council’s ongoing civic pride initiative and was funded by Central Government.

But recently it has started to look like it has become mouldy, with a green tinge detracting from its normal cream colour.

North Somerset Council says it is looking into a way of cleaning the Silica and that the concessionaire there has also asked the authority if he can paint over some graffiti that has been drawn onto the base.

A spokesman said: “We said he could and we are looking into what options we have for cleaning up the rest of the structure.”

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The council could not confirm whether it was mould on the Silica.

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