Rosie-May needs £100k for specialist surgery to help her walk

Rosie-May, who has cerebral palsy, with her parents Josie Edwards and Simon Hughes want to raise £10

Rosie-May, who has cerebral palsy, with her parents Josie Edwards and Simon Hughes want to raise £100,000 to take her to America for an operation. - Credit: Archant

Parents of a three-year-old girl with cerebral palsy are hoping to raise £100,000 for an operation which could enable her to walk and be free of pain.

Rosie-May Edwards, from Weston, can stand up with support, but as soon as she tries to walk her legs become stuck together.

Her parents Josie Edwards and Simon Hughes believe selective dorsal rhizotomy (SDR) surgery would transform her life as it reduces lower limb spasticity – which can impair walking and sitting and causes discomfort, cramps and spasms.

The surgery could enable Rosie to walk and be pain-free, but it is not available on the NHS so her parents are hoping to take her to America for the procedure.

Josie said: “Having cerebral palsy is a day-to-day struggle for Rosie as she finds it difficult to do a lot of things independently.

“Rosie can currently sit unaided and roll over. She is currently using a Kaye walker – she can take steps but as soon as she does her legs instantly cross over and get stuck together. This is due to her thigh muscles pulling her legs together.

“Rosie really enjoys standing with support and she always wants to try new things but she becomes very frustrated and upset when her body just can’t do it.

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“Rosie loves watching other children run around and she’s starting to realise she can’t because she’s different – it’s very upsetting for her.

“We are doing everything we can to try to make this possible for her and her future.”

Josie and Simon are hoping to raise £100,000 so Rosie can have the surgery at St Louis Children’s Hospital.

The money would also pay for medical equipment, a year’s worth of physiotherapy and flights and accommodation for the family to stay in America for three weeks while Rosie recovers.

Josie said: “SDR surgey will take away the spasticity in Rosie’s legs.

“This stops the tight muscles getting her in way, leaving her feeling more free to move around and will stop pain in her future and other operations.

“Also, we are hoping this operation will allow her to finally take some independent steps of her own and help her to be able to find new ways to move around and be independent.”

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