Park attendants to issue litter fines


- Credit: Archant

DOG owners who fail to clean up after their animals and people who drop litter, can now be fined on the spot by parking wardens.

North Somerset Council’s parking officers now have the power to issue fixed penalty tickets to people seen littering the streets or not scooping up their dog’s mess. Offenders can be fined £75 and also face a £1,000 penalty if prosecuted.

A council spokesman said: “Our parking officers are now authorised to take action against those who allow their dogs to foul and don’t pick it up and people who drop litter.

“What we find, however, in the vast majority of cases if people are approached they will pick up the poop or dispose of their litter - we would much rather have an influence on changing people’s behaviour.”

In the past, rangers and dog wardens have been responsible for handing out fixed penalty fines.

The council is now using parking attendants as well in a bid to crackdown on offenders.