Parking problems for taxis in Weston

PUBLISHED: 08:00 01 July 2011

Buses may travel down Regent Street

Buses may travel down Regent Street


ILLEGAL parking is affecting business for taxi drivers in Weston.

ILLEGAL parking is affecting business for taxi drivers in Weston.

Cars are regularly being found parked on the desginated loading bay and taxi rank spaces in Regent Street in Weston.

David Murray is a taxi driver in Weston. He finds cars are parked in the taxi rank regularly throughout the week.

He said: “There are one or two cars parked there most days during the daytime.

“On a saturday there are cars parked there while they go off to the pub.

“It makes my job more difficult because you have to be on the right side of the road to let the passengers enter the car safely.

“Seeing as we are not allowed to come straight from the seafront into the Regents Street, we have to come from the other way so we find ourselves turning around at the end of the road to then park in the taxi rank.

“It then becomes dangerous when there are lots of people at night in the weekend and I am trying to drive through them and turn around.”

A spokesman for North Somerset Council said: “Cars should not drive down Regent Street, and they should not park on taxi ranks as it is illegal.

“Our signs are clear who can drive down Regent Street, which is buses, taxis, delivery vehicles and disabled badge holders.

“The enforcement is down to the police of anyone breaching regulations, it is not something the council can enforce.”

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