Parklands couple's car smashed by falling roof

PUBLISHED: 10:56 22 April 2015 | UPDATED: 10:57 22 April 2015

Pauline and Michael Davies.

Pauline and Michael Davies.


A COUPLE who moved to Weston to enjoy their retirement just four weeks ago now feel 'frightened' in their new home after the neighbour's roof fell onto their car, causing more than £2,000 worth of damage.

Pauline and Michael Davies moved to Hannah Drive in Locking Parklands with hopes of a happy retirement.

But Mrs Davies, aged 69, and Mr Davies, aged 70, were woken up at 3am on March 31 when they heard a loud crash. A 5ft-long piece of metal had fallen off the roof of a newly-finished house opposite and hit the couple’s car, leaving three holes in the roof and dents along the passenger side.

Mr and Mrs Davies faced a £2,088 repair bill to get their car fixed.

Mrs Davies said: “When we picked it up there were two-inch screws sticking out. The instinct was to go out and move the car to stop it getting damaged further but if we had been hit we could have been really hurt. What if we had been outside?

“We could have been killed.

“When the wind picks up we will be frightened to death.”

St Modwen, the developer behind the new houses, has apologised for the incident and says it is working with the couple to make sure they are not left out of pocket.

But Mrs Davies said: “Getting compensation from the contractor’s insurance could take up to six months and even then we don’t know if that will come through, and where does that leave us?”

The couple spent several years caring for their elderly parents at the family home in Bridgwater, but after they died Mr and Mrs Davies decided to downsize and move to their dream house in Weston. But they say they have racked up 28 complaints about their new home.

Mrs Davies said: “This is our retirement home and we are not happy in it anymore.

“We have come to the end of our thread. This was our time and it is all been turned on its head.”

Managing director at St Modwen Guy Gusterson said: “We take matters such as this very seriously and, since the accident was reported to us, we have been in contact with the couple daily, advising them on the best course of action.

“Both the roof contractor’s insurance company and the Davies’ insurance company are working together to resolve the matter.

“We will remain in contact with the Davies until this matter is resolved, helping them with the process where necessary.”

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