Party pays for cancer mum's trip

GENEROUS friends of a terminally ill woman raised £3,500 so she can take her family on a holiday of a lifetime. Coral Winder, aged

GENEROUS friends of a terminally ill woman raised £3,500 so she can take her family on a holiday of a lifetime.Coral Winder, aged 52, organised a three course meal and party at Shipham Village Hall to raise cash for her friend Diana Nyamunda, who is dying of cancer.Friends and even strangers flocked to the bash to party with Diana and her husband Tom, aged 43, and their eight-year-old son, also called Tom, from Woodborough Road in Winscombe.Kind volunteers helped to blow up balloons, fill the hall with flowers and prepare a feast for the meal and when Diana turned up she was overwhelmed at the efforts everyone had gone to.She said: "It was absolutely brilliant and everybody who came was wonderful."I'm incredibly overwhelmed that so many people, including some who don't even know me, were so generous and it really speaks volumes about the community we live in. I want to thank everyone who came along."Diana was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2002, but last year doctors told her it had spread to her bones.Diana's son Tom has always wanted to visit Egypt and asked his mum if they could go one day.When her friend Coral found out, she decided she would raise the money for the family to go.She said: "Di had talked to me about places she wanted to take her boys, but when I suggested fund-raising I don't think she took me seriously."Within a week of our conversation I booked the tickets and when I told her she burst into tears and said it was fantastic."The party raised more than enough to pay for the trip so the Nyamundas will have some spending money to enjoy.The family leaves on April 30 for a dream holiday which will include a cruise up the River Nile, three nights in Cairo and four nights in Luxor to see the pyramids.

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