Meet the first man to run every road in Weston!

Paul Cousins

Long-distance runner, Paul Cousins has run every street in Weston. - Credit: Paul Cousins

A long-distance runner has become the first-ever person to run every street in Weston.

Paul Cousins, a member of Weston Athletic Club, unknowingly began the feat last year while recovering from a torn patellar tendon.

But after logging his runs with route tracker City Strides, Mr Cousins became determined to conquer all Weston roads.

Paul Cousins

City Strides registered each road Paul covered. - Credit: Paul Cousins

He recounted: "I was building up my fitness as I recovered from my injury and it became addictive.

"I noticed no one else had completed every street so it became a project."

There are more than 1,000 streets in Weston, spanning around 160 miles, according to City Strider.

Paul believes he has run more than 350 miles in total completing the challenge, taking into account journeys to and from the roads he was yet to cover.

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He added: "My favourite street was definitely the final one. 

"I began the journey in May 2021 and spent nine months completing it."

Paul Cousins

Paul will has qualified to compete in this year's Boston Marathon. - Credit: Paul Cousins

Next up, Paul will take part in the Weston Half Marathon on March 27 and has also qualified for the Boston Marathon in April where he will represent Weston Athletic Club.