People urged to work together to tackle drug dealing and antisocial behaviour on Weston estate

Antisocial behaviour issues have increased on Ottawa Road. Picture: Google

Antisocial behaviour issues have increased on Ottawa Road. Picture: Google - Credit: Archant

Drug-dealing and antisocial behaviour on a Weston-super-Mare estate is ‘rife’ and action groups have been urged to join forces to tackle the issues.

The Mercury reported in August how there had been an increase in youngsters breaking doors, smashing windows and dealing drugs on the Coronation estate.

Since then, Alliance Homes has reinstalled CCTV cameras at a ground floor flat in Ottawa Road, where a number of issues have been reported.

However, there have still been problems, and more recent incidents involved a community garden and children’s paddling pool being vandalised.

Those issues have prompted one homeowner, who asked not to be named to protect their safety, to call for Alliance Homes and the police to work together.

They told the Mercury: “Many people on the Coronation are fed up with the amount of drug-dealing going on and nothing seems to change. I have reported issues to the police, housing association and councillor on numerous occasions.

“Drug-dealing is rife here, it happens out in the open, you see the exchanges going on and people on the estate know who is dealing – some are really well known dealers.

“The CCTV is back but Alliance Homes is not coming up with any long-term solutions, people feel threatened on the estate.”

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The latest string of incidents include three men jumping over a six-foot-high fence into the community garden and vandalising plant pots and a paddling pool used by children.

The homeowner added: “It is not safe for children to use the play area in Jubilee Park because of yobs drinking, being intimidating and verbally abusive.

“We in the community are trying to solve this and move forward, we love our community.

“If we get each action group working together then maybe we could put a stop to this.”

The police are encouraging people to contact the Bournville and Oldmixon neighbourhood team if they witness any crimes.

Its spokesman said: “We are aware of a number of complaints about antisocial behaviour related to properties in Ottawa Road.

“People are aware they have conditions on their tenancy and persistent antisocial behaviour is a breach of those conditions.

“If you have concerns about antisocial behaviour in this area we would like to hear from you.”

A spokesman for Alliance Homes added: “We actively support our communities to report suspected incidents of crime and antisocial behaviour to the police.”