‘Pitiful rubbish collection’ to blame for town’s dirty streets

Rubbish left in the town centre.

Rubbish left in the town centre. - Credit: Archant

Westonians blame fortnightly bin collections for leaving the town messy after a councillor slated ‘uncivilised morons who dump their rubbish every week’.

The cleanliness of the town centre was discussed at North Somerset Council’s meeting on September 25, with councillors scratching their heads over how to tackle the issue of people lobbing bin bags in the street only to be torn open by animals.

John Crockford-Hawley, councillor for Hillside ward, slammed the ‘antisocial behaviour of these uncivilised morons who dump their rubbish every week’.

He said: “While most residents act quite responsibly, some are still putting bin liners full of waste onto our streets, bringing gulls and foxes onto our streets and pavements.”

Cllr Peter Bryant, who is responsible for the council’s waste management policy, said: “Collection points are one way, but that relies on people being industrious enough to carry all their rubbish to the collection point, and many seem to just want to throw it out on the pavement.”

Many people took to social media to share their view.

Bob Powell commented: “You know it must take some effort to decide you’re going to load up the car, find a place to park where there isn’t any CCTV, unload the car and then drive home all the while hoping nobody saw you and took your details.

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“So what is the motivation? I’d hazard a guess the pitiful rubbish collection is right up there.”

George Hoare wrote: “It’s time to get rid of packaging totally.

“Supermarkets need to be more hygienic and shoppers need to go around with containers instead.”

Mel James said: “Perhaps allow more than just the one wheelie bin for larger households or collect weekly, not fortnightly, as the council used to.”

Stuart Cecil Rawlings wrote: “The black bins only being collected every two weeks is one problem.

“The recycling bins not having lids and the wind blowing it all down the road is another.

“The tighter restrictions on going to the recycling centre are another.

“It doesn’t excuse the people who are dumping this waste but make it easier and people will use it.”

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