Playing stopped by travellers

ANGRY residents are demanding tougher security on the entrance to a Wraxall play park after travellers set up camp there

ANGRY residents are demanding tougher security on the entrance to a Wraxall play park after travellers set up camp there.Around a dozen caravans, believed to have come from Portishead where they set up camp on Gordano School's playing fields, arrived at the park at The Elms, on Friday night.Since their appearance, residents say rubbish has been strewn across the land and they cannot use the park, which has a children's play area, because of abuse from the travellers.Resident Jane Hadler said: "When the travellers arrived, they dismantled the gate to the park. They seem to have a large number of dogs and there are now piles of rubbish everywhere. "The park was built as part of The Elms development. There is also some derelict land on the estate, which is due to be developed, but we are also concerned this could be at risk from traveller encampments."We want to see the area protected from travellers in the future as currently it is too easy for them to get through the gate."Local councillor Andy Cole contacted North Somerset Council, which owns the park, on Monday morning to try to get the travellers moved on.He said: "The area of land is an amenity area and is extensively used by the local community. "I have taken immediate action to summon North Somerset officers to the site to serve a court injunction on the travellers."I have received numerous phone calls from worried residents over the weekend complaining about the noise from generators and bad language. "All the residents are seeking immediate action to remove the unwanted trespassers."A spokesman for North Somerset Council said: "Council officers, together with the police, attended the site on Monday. There are currently 15 caravans on site. In terms of starting the eviction process, the appropriate action is to now apply for court time to get an eviction order. Assessment of the site, and discussions with the police, are such that once the eviction order is granted, the gypsies will have 48 hours to leave the site voluntarily. "If, after 48 hours, they are still present, then we can engage the court bailiff to effect an eviction. If the court bailiff is not instructed by 4pm on Friday then it will be Monday before the eviction can be enforced. However, discussions with the travellers indicate that they are planning to leave on Friday.

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