Plea for cash to fight wind farm appeal

CAMPAIGNERS fighting against a wind farm say they have a 'rottweiler of a barrister' to fight their corner at a planning appeal. But the protest group kNOll

CAMPAIGNERS fighting against a wind farm say they have a 'rottweiler of a barrister' to fight their corner at a planning appeal.But the protest group kNOll to Wind Farm needs thousands of pounds to fight its battle and members want residents to donate cash. The group has proposed that every household in Brent Knoll should donate to the cause based on house value. Band A households would be asked to donate £32 and Band H households will be asked to contribute £97.Spokesman Andrew Manning, giving a presentation on kNOll to Wind Farm's progress at a public meeting said: "We have won the battle but not the war. At least not yet anyway. "We need to raise £30,000 in total. We already have £7,000 and expect to raise another £7,000 through events during the year. This means we need £16,000 through donations."If people want to donate more money than we're proposing that's great. But if you don't want to contribute, how will you be able to look your neighbour in the eye?" The group will be represented at the appeal, expected to be held in September, by Tina Douglas.The money is needed to fund Miss Douglas' research and pay for up to five expert witnesses when Ecotricity appeals against Sedgemoor District Council's decision to reject its application to build five wind turbines between Brent Knoll and Burnham. Mr Manning said: "We will be writing to everyone in the village and then we will go round to everyone to ask for donations."We hope to be talking to people in February and March and take advantage of the council tax holiday during these months, so hopefully people will be more willing to contribute."The expert witnesses are expected to cost between £4,000 and £5,000 each. The barrister's fee is £1,000 a day. If there is any money left over after the appeal, kNOll to Wind Farm has agreed to donate it to a community project.

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