Police get hot on cold calls

THREATENING callers who use pressurising tactics are no longer welcome in Cheddar.

THREATENING callers who use 'pressurising' tactics are no longer welcome in Cheddar.

A new 'no cold calling' zone, affecting more than 140 homes in the village has now been introduced after vulnerable elderly residents complained about door-to-door sales people.

The zone, which includes Penn Way, Penn Close, Fairlands Way, Millbourne Road, Symons Way and Froglands Way, is the first to be introduced in the Cheddar area.

The news comes after police received a number of complaints about cold callers using 'pressurising' tactics and the number of distraction burglaries increased nationally.

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Police community support officer Matthew Webb said: "By working with members of the community and making a stand against cold callers and bogus callers we will continue to make Cheddar a safer and stronger community to live and work in.

"We brought in the scheme after receiving complaints in the village about callers using pressurising tactics and also, in recent months, there has been a visible increase nationally in distraction type burglaries.

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"The sales people are really upfront and make it sound like you cannot live without their product, which is very daunting for the elderly residents who live in that area.

"While we are relatively safe here in Cheddar, we need to ensure things stay this way by continually developing pro-active tactics."

The cold calling zone will have signs which will be clearly displayed. Residents will also be asked to display a sticker somewhere on their property.

If someone is seen breaching the zone, residents can contact the police, who will come and deal with the individuals.

The initiative is not designed to discourage usual callers such as newspaper deliverers, milkmen and people dropping off catalogues, but for those who want to sell unwanted items to vulnerable residents.

Cheddar police are now urging residents who feel that a cold calling zone or neighbourhood watch scheme would benefit their street to contact officers at the station in Cliff Street.

Over the next few weeks police hope to extend the zone further across the village.

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