Polling stations for EU vote open in Weston-super-Mare

Polling stations will be open until 10pm.

Polling stations will be open until 10pm. - Credit: Getty Images/Zoonar RF

After months of campaigning and debate, polling stations across Weston-super-Mare, North Somerset and Sedgemoor have opened for today’s EU Referendum vote.

Voting takes place today (Thursday) with the electorate being asked whether Britain should remain part of the EU.

Campaign groups have been lobbying for support extensively in the past few days and opinion polls are split as to which side will come out on top.

The Mercury will be running a live blog throughout the day starting later this morning. To offer your opinions, use the Twitter hashtag #EUWeston or comment directly on the blog.

What time are polling stations open?

Voting got underway in the past couple of minutes and will continue until 10pm.

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People are, as ever, encouraged to vote sooner rather than later due to rare instances in the past where people queuing have been turned away because the 10pm deadline has passed.

Where can I vote in person?

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Each voter is assigned a specific polling station to cast their ballot paper. It should be written clearly on the polling cards which were sent out by North Somerset Council in the run-up to today’s vote.

If in any doubt where to go, here is a full list of polling stations.

What if I don’t have a polling card?

Everyone should have been sent a polling card, but from time to time they go awry in the post or cannot be found around the house on referendum day.

However, you do not need a polling card to vote. As long as you’re registered on the electoral roll and go into the polling station and give your name and address, you will be able to vote. To avoid any problems it may be worth taking some identification with you too.

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