'Pool plans are evaporating'

A TOWN leader is asking the people of Nailsea to be realistic over plans to build a new swimming pool in the town

A TOWN leader is asking the people of Nailsea to be realistic over plans to build a new swimming pool in the town.Nailsea town councillor Marston Dufty is warning residents are 'being led up the garden path' about the real possibilities of building a new pool in the town.The message follows the annual town meeting last month where residents asked what the progress was on getting a swimming facility for Nailsea?Outline planning permission for a new pool, at the rear of the Scotch Horn Leisure Centre, has already been secured by the Nailsea Swimming Pool Interest Group.But currently no money is available to drive any scheme forward, with North Somerset Council purse holders opting to continue to pour cash into maintaining Backwell Pool rather than build a new one in the town.Cllr Dufty said people needed to be told the truth about the reality of a pool being built in Nailsea and that councillors should not make false promises and continue to keep the dream alive.Councillor Dufty said: "People in the town are being led up the garden path and are feeling that the notion that this dream can actually be realised."There is no way the town council can fund a project such as this and we all know the district council has no funds."But the truth of the matter is that until the financial situation changes, a pool will not be built in Nailsea."North Somerset councillors are keenly aware of the situation as it was them that voted to spend money on refurbishing the current pool in Backwell."The residents of Nailsea need to be aware of the real facts, not just the vision."Local pool campaigner and chairman of the Swimming Pool Interest Group Nat Tucker said, despite the council's warning shot, campaigners would continue to press for a pool in Nailsea.Mr Tucker said: "I accept there are financial constraints, but no more than anywhere else in the country."This has been overcome by working with the community and local councils to consider the possibilities of founding a community trust which could attract funding from other sources."What we need is a proper strategy and vision drawn up by the council which we all can work to.

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