Poppy appeal plea

PARTS of the village of Pill will not get a visit by poppy day collectors - because the organisation is short of volunteers

PARTS of the village of Pill will not get a visit by poppy day collectors - because the organisation is short of volunteers.Each year the collection is organised by the village branch of the Royal British Legion Women's Section, but a drop in the number of helpers has meant this year only parts of the village will be covered.Honorary Poppy Appeal organiser Carol Clayton said: "The majority of our volunteers are in their 70s and 80s and find it difficult to go out door-to-door collecting when it is dark and wet. This means we will not be able to cover the whole of Pill door-to-door but will only manage to collect in some areas. However, we will be holding collections in local shops where people can give money and buy a poppy."Mrs Clayton added that the organisation was in desperate need of fresh volunteers to help with the annual campaign.She added: "The problem is in many cases that the younger people do not feel that the poppy appeal applies to them."They see it more as an older person's campaign. But the appeal applies to everyone and young or old, all should remember those who gave their lives in the war."The appeal group is now working with local schools in a bid to educate the younger generation about the appeal.Mrs Clayton added: "We send out special packs which contain information and DVDs about the appeal and many schools do their own services for poppy day. "We hope that by doing this it will encourage a new generation of collectors to come forward and support the work we do."A memorial day service is being held in the precinct, Portishead, on November 11 at 11am by the town's branch of the Royal British Legion. Anyone who can help with collections should contact Mrs Clayton on 01275 817358.

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