Post office closure shock

PENSIONERS face walking miles to get a stamp or send a parcel following the mystery closure of Claverham Post Office. Sub postmaster

PENSIONERS face walking miles to get a stamp or send a parcel following the mystery closure of Claverham Post Office.Sub postmaster Jonathan Kitcher, who took over the High Street post office and shop just three and a half months ago, was told by Royal Mail chiefs to close the counters last week.The move has meant scores of pensioners and young families who rely on the post office are being forced to take a mile and a half trek into neighbouring Yatton.Mr Kitcher says despite trying to contact Royal Mail he has had no response apart from a letter ordering the closure for 'contractual reasons.'Mr Kitcher said: "I do not understand the contractual reasons for closing the post office."I can confirm that my contract to run the post office has been suspended."We purchased the shop and post office as a going concern and I am concerned the fact my contract has been suspended is a prelude to the post office closing for good."The shop is still open and people keep coming in and asking me what is happening, but I have no answers."Anyone needing to use the post office now has to make a trip to Yatton, which on the bus costs £1.30."There are a lot of elderly people who rely on the post office and I am worried about how they are going to manage."A spokesman for Royal Mail, which operates Post Office Ltd, said its policy was to protect Post Offices in rural areas and the closure was only a temporary one.The spokesman added: "Due to unforeseen circumstances and for the subpostmaster's personal reasons, Claverham Post Office closed on Friday on a temporary basis. Post Office Ltd is doing everything possible to return service to the branch as quickly as possible and in the meantime is asking customers to use Yatton branch.

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