Projector tours towns to tackle binge drinking

DRINK awareness campaigners found a novel way of getting the message of knowing your limits across to revellers in Weston over the Easter weekend.

DRINK awareness campaigners found a novel way of getting the message of 'knowing your limits' across to revellers in Weston over the Easter weekend.

A team carrying projectors broadcast video onto walls of pubs and clubs in the town in a bid to tackle binge drinking and crime.

Two large projectors roamed the town centre on Friday and Saturday evening, playing messages on safe and sensible drinking. Messages were also Bluetoothed to mobile phones in the area, which had the video sharing application switched on.

The 'Know Your Limits' campaign was aimed at 18-24 year olds during the four-day weekend.

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Weston's Chief Inspector Nick Walker said: "This is a very exciting campaign and we are delighted to be trialling it in Weston. This campaign is not about not drinking at all, but about being aware of the possible consequences of drinking excessively.

"We want people to have a good time without ending up in trouble."

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Central Weston has the largest proportion of violent offences in North Somerset and 58 per cent of the incidents in the town are concentrated in five areas: Richmond Street, Beach Road, Regent Street, Alexandra Parade and St James Street.

The Know Your Limits campaign was run to support other night-time helpers in Weston including the street marshals, the Street Safe Bus and the 'Who's your Mate?' campaign, which is launching on Saturday in the Winter Gardens.

A contest will be held at H20 at 7pm to find the best non-alcoholic cocktail in North Somerset. The campaign, which was designed by a group of young Weston clubbers, aims to encourage people to have a safe night out and look out for friends during the evening.


* Six in 10 crimes in Weston is associated with the night-time economy, with nearly half being 'violence against a person'.

* Weston is one of four towns to pilot an alcohol awareness activity programme as part of the Know Your Limits campaign. The other three are Nottingham, Wolverhampton and Preston.

* One in three town and city centre arrests involve alcohol.

* A third of men and a quarter of women aged 16-24 drink double the recommended alcohol limit, compared to 18 per cent of men aged 45-64.

* The recommended daily limit of alcohol for women is two or three units and for men it is three or four units.

* 24 per cent of women aged 16-24 say they drink heavily at least one day a week.

* Being arrested for being drunk and disorderly can result in an £80 fine.

* For more information about drink awareness visit or call Drinkline on 0800 9178282.

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