Election 2019: Council tourism priorities outlined

Bank Holiday sunshine brought out the crowds.

Bank Holiday sunshine brought out the crowds. - Credit: Archant

North Somerset’s economy does best when the tourism industry is flourishing.

So all the main parties were asked to offer their views on what they would do to help boost tourism.


The Conservative-led North Somerset Council has yet again enhanced the tourism offer by the range of events and investment on the seafront.

More is being done to attract big operators on the music and arts scene.

We are moving forward with the renovation of the entrance into the town and creating better access from motorway.

We will continue to work with Heritage England to bring additional tourism opportunities.

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Investment has been made in the Tropicana, making it a great success as an events venue.

Investments are being made to revitalise the High Street, and create a great environment for both residents and visitors.

Green Party:

North Somerset should aim to be a ‘Beacon Authority’ for sustainable tourism.

We should be promoting tourist activities and facilities which are sympathetic to and do not pollute the environment, and are determined to a large extent by the local community.

Our coastline, hills and heritage assets should provide attractive low carbon leisure activities.

We need to encourage community-led initiatives such as Cleaner Coastlines and Plastic Free status as well as making our parks, open spaces and play areas more attractive. Improved cycle routes and coastal walking paths should be seen as priority.

New facilities for swimming and other leisure complexes should be carbon neutral by use of sustainable energy sources.

We should invest in Weston and the district to bring in a new era of conscientious, clean air and energy model of tourism.


Tourism could be North Somerset’s ace in the pack to boost the local economy and create much-needed jobs.

But you’d never guess it from the current council’s neglect.

Take Weston, for example: no sea-front pool, beach showers or attended toilets ­ and not enough foot wash taps.

Seafront bins overflow and supposedly dog-free beach areas are not properly patrolled.

If the council can’t get these basics right, what hope is there?

Labour demands a plan to:

* Make the most of North Somerset’s rich heritage and tourism assets.

* Scrap austerity measures leading to neglect of historic sites such as Worlebury Hill Fort.

We need to embrace 21st century tourism – not ignore it.

At the moment our tourists are largely neglected. And although we’re popular with surrounding populations (and coach parties from Birmingham and Wales), we pay them little respect.

This has to stop.

Liberal Democrats:

Tourism is important for North Somerset – generating jobs and also boosting our economy.

However, it is not an industry that has been well supported by the Conservative-led council for many years.

Local hotels, B&Bs and tourist attractions are the backbone of our economy and the council should be helping them to thrive, not standing by, or worse, standing in their way.

Liberal Democrats supports a reduction in VAT on tourist attractions and accommodation to help boost the tourism industry and help create more jobs.

We want to establish an independent destination management organisation for North Somerset, to lead on marketing the district and work positively with business and community organisations to really unlock the huge potential of our town and its tourism industry.

It’s time for the Town Hall to listen to local people.

The Conservative majority has been in power for 12 years and it is time for change.

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