Puxton Park cuts ties with salon after it charged extra for kids with 'additional needs'

A leaflet from PJ's Krazy Kids charged £5 for 'extra time for additional needs'.

A leaflet from PJ's Krazy Kids charged £5 for 'extra time for additional needs'. - Credit: submitted

Puxton Park has 'parted ways' with a hairdressing salon after a Facebook post appeared to show it charges extra fees for children with learning disabilities.

Krazy Kids, part of PJ's hairdressing Group which is based at the adventure park, has issued an apology after a Facebook post shamed the company for charging £5 for 'extra time for additional needs'.

Puxton Park said: "We confirm that PJ's Krazy Kids is not part of Puxton Park but rather an entirely separate business.

Puxton Park plans to reopen in early July.

Plans for a trampoline park, gym and segway course at Puxton Park have been approved. - Credit: Puxton Park

"We agreed to provide space to them in good faith to operate their business.

"We did not approve the contents of the price list leaflet and  have, by mutual agreement, agreed to part company."

Parents have also dismissed the 'token gesture' of a free haircut day after the hairdresser offered it 'as a show of our commitment to the surrounding area'.

Sammi Ford, who's child has autism, stated that people often do not understand the struggle of getting a haircut for her child.

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She said: "Free haircuts, or not, I do not think anyone would want to get their haircut by them again.

"I have a special needs child and I know how embarrassing and emotionally stressful it can be to get a haircut - without having to pay extra on top."

Krazy Kids director, Lizzy Tucker said she was 'deeply sorry' and stressed the issue was a misprint which was meant to read an 'extra £5 for additional time needed".

The group's website states 'a misunderstanding as a result of a poorly worded flyer has snowballed into a social media storm that has led to discussions and we decided to no longer continue at Puxton Park'.

Sonia Dudley, who's child is registered disabled, believes the charge is discriminatory.

She said: "If you enter a store in a wheelchair and they have to put a ramp out for you, you would not expect to be charged extra for that.

"If feels as though you are being punished for having a child who may be seen as different - if the issue was charging for the extra time then why not charge extra based on a timely rate."