Quit smoking groups - in the pub

SMOKERS are being urged to give up the dreaded fag - by visiting their local pub.

SMOKERS are being urged to give up the dreaded fag - by visiting their local pub.

Di Bradley, of the Night Jar in Mead Vale, is one of 50 landlords and landladies in the area who are aiming to help people stub out the habit. She is hoping to start up a quitters club in the pub in Nightingale Court to help people get the kick-start they need to drop their cigarettes for good.

The initiative is part of North Somerset Primary Care Trust's campaign, being rolled out across the district and follows a nationwide ban on smoking in virtually all public places, which came into force last July.

A total of 20,000 beer mats are being sent to the 50 pubs already taking part and many of the outlets, just like the Night Jar, are also looking into holding help group meetings.

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Trust director of public health and health improvement, Dr Max Kammerling, said: "We want to remind smokers there is another choice other than standing out in the wind and rain just to feed their habit.

"It isn't always easy but it is possible to come in from the cold and ditch the cigarettes.

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"That is where we can help. Our Support to Stop service is designed to help smokers quit.

"With our help they are twice as likely to successfully give up and remain smoke free than if they go it alone."

For more details about the Support to Stop service call 01275 546744 or email sts@nsomerset-pct.nhs.uk

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