Readers discuss council’s Super Weston initiative

Chris Fisher, from Weston Museum, Nicola Antaki from Turner Works and Alicja Borkowska from You & Me

Chris Fisher, from Weston Museum, Nicola Antaki from Turner Works and Alicja Borkowska from You & Me Architecture. - Credit: Archant

Readers discussed the launch of the council’s new Super Weston initiative,

North Somerset Council has appointed Turner Works to build a new placemaking strategy for Weston in response to the changing face of the High Street.

The architects have already run a number of public events to find out about the history of town and what people would like to see in Weston in the future.

People from across the community have been getting involved, with a bowling alley, a homeless shelter and more recycling initiatives on the wishlist.

The Weston Wishes Exhibition is on show in the food court in the Sovereign Shopping Centre until March and people can write their hopes for the town on a postcard and add it to the display.

Turner Works architect Nicola Antaki said: "The response has been amazing and people are very excited about it.

"The wishes have been really interesting and we've had a huge cross section of wishes from all different age groups, ranging from more parks and gardens to wicker bins, recycling bins, beach clean-ups and a bowling alley.

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"People want Birnbeck Pier to be fixed, more shops and a variety of shops and places to get food."

Many took to social media to share their views.

Amanda Buchanan said: " I would want a regular open air market where you can buy food as well as clothing similar to that we used to have behind the railway station, near drove road, park and Weston football club, on a Sunday.

"Also the promised, bowling alley, and a swimming pool somewhere in the Town area, would be good for everyone.

Paul Leinichen added: "In the immediate future I'd like to see the rubble patch the once was Dolphin Square gravelled over and used as market space - would be a lot better than a fenced off, unused, eyesore, building plot." "The contractors who failed to fulfil contract and complete development should be made to pay to turn it into useful space."

Gareth Saunders bemoaned: "For Gods sake, the council has appointed, in other words paid, some people to discover what people want to see in Weston.

"We have been telling them through these pages for a long time.

"They could have saved the money and discovered the same result by reading."