Readers discuss council-backed ‘re-wilding’ plans

Julie Hitchens who is setting up Wild Weston. Picture: MARK ATHERTON

Julie Hitchens who is setting up Wild Weston. Picture: MARK ATHERTON - Credit: Archant

Readers have reacted to council-backed plans to increase green and wild spaces in Weston.

Wild Weston, set up by wildlife enthusiast Julie Hitchens, wants to conserve Weston and Worle's natural spaces through a re-wilding project.

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North Somerset Council has also agreed to embark on the scheme, which will look to identify as many verges, parks and open spaces as possible which can grow freely in the area.

Wild Weston founder Julie Hitchens said: "The initiative was set up in July, and I've taken influence from conservation ideas started by Big Worle's Wildlife Walks, led by BBC presenter Chris Sperring.

"When they stopped, I thought it would be a great idea to set-up a group which works to preserve and protect natural forestry in Weston and Worle, which will hopefully attract more wildlife to the area as well."

Many took to social media to share their views.

Nicola Jayne Phillimore said: "I am all for maintained wild green spaces, so they are kept back from overhanging the pathways and when they die off and go brown and scraggly they are cut back or removed."

Tony Dawson commented: "At least when verges are kept trimmed it gives motorists a few valuable seconds warning when an animal is about to run across the road - with wild verges they can just appear with no warning time.

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"In some areas of Weston overgrown verges make visibility difficult when trying to pull out of junctions too .

"I think re-wilding is a good thing when it's done sensibly and in the right areas but when it's being used as an excuse by the council to do less with our ever increasing council tax then it's just plain wrong."

Ben Hopkins demanded: "Stop building houses on perfectly good bits of land already home to thousands of animals and insects and tidy up the verges.

"Dereliction of duty and penny pinching all in the name of 're-wilding' is all it is."

Ian Stone added: "We used to have green spaces before all the houses were built and started development.

"Give it a few years and all the fields you can see between the duel carriageway and Bleadon will be a sea of houses."

Tara Roberts said: "This is a really good idea and am fully onboard with this "