Readers question council’s decision to postpone development decision

William Daw Close in Banwell. Picture: Google Maps

William Daw Close in Banwell. Picture: Google Maps - Credit: Google Maps

Readers have responded to news North Somerset Council has delayed their decision on whether to approve a proposed development Banwell.

Permission for up to 26 houses to be constructed to the south of William Daw Close is being sought by Newland Homes and North Somerset Council was expected to make a decision on the scheme.

While planning officers recommend the homes are built, the planning committee recently voted to defer the application at Weston Town Hall until next week.

Newland wishes to extend the road and build 26 homes, although 36 letters of objection have been submitted to the council.

A spokesman on behalf of the company told councillors the homes would be of 'high quality' and affordable housing would form part of the estate.

Many took to social media to share their views.

Frank Davidson said: "Catch 22 people, you don't want to increase taxes to pay for infrastructure, yet you also don't want new houses built to cover the cost of new infrastructure - so how do you square this circle?"

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Chris Tovey Commented: "I really struggle with any expansion, but especially for Banwell.

"Don't the planners understand Banwell has a single track country lane going through it linking both the A371 and the A368.

"That is two main roads connected by a single width of road lined with houses. You don't need a degree in planning to see its beyond insanity to suggest any expansion until a bypass is built."

Mike Dennett added: "Once again builders are trying to make us give up our village along with Bleadon,

When will people learn we came to a village because we do not want to live in a housing estate,

"Weston is fast becoming a dormitory town where people can sleep, and work elsewhere, however, we are short of the infrastructure needed for the expansion of housing."

Tammy Searle-howard said: "How about using existing the buildings which are derelict instead of building new homes.

"It would be cheap, cost effective and the green can be left alone."

Nicola Jayne Phillimore added: "Banwell is bad enough to navigate now at peak times with all the traffic."