Readers react to Weston surgery merger plans

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Readers have weighed in on plans which could see two Weston GP surgeries merged,

Options to merge Clarence Park Surgery with the Graham Road branch will affect around 14,000 patients.

Clarence Park could either close fully or operate as a branch site, which would offer advanced nurse practitioners, treatment room and chronic disease services lead by nurses. Both surgeries are run by Locality Health Centre (LHC CIC) and serve the town centre and seafront areas.

The viability of a GP practice with fewer than 5,000 patients has been questioned by health bosses, who had concerns over the ‘limitations’ of Clarence Park and the associated scalability of Graham Road.

Mark Graham, chief executive for the LHC CIC, said: “We are reviewing the services to provide the best facilities possible to all 14,000 patients.

“GP services have changed a lot in the past five years, and Clarence Park is still not fit for purpose. There are real problems with that building, and it has limitations.”

Clarence Park is less than a mile from the Graham Road practice and serves just under 5,000 patients, with a high proportion of elderly people.

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The plans that will go before a public consultation on March 19.

Many people took to social media to share their views.

Ian Crocker said: “It’s hard enough to get an appointment now at Graham Road, especially for those who work.

“It will only get worse if they merge.”

Paul Harris added: “No and no – Clarence Park should remain open.

“I’m registered there and only found out about this merger via social media.

“My wife and children go to Graham Road and have a tough time getting an appointment now.

“This will only get worse for all concerned if this merger goes ahead because of the huge intake of extra patients.”

Rosina Cook Graham commented: “Graham Road is far too small for Clarence Park to merge with.

“We should have a new healthy living centre instead.”

Debbie Cannon said: “It is bad enough at Graham Road as it is. When I first heard about this I contacted NHS England and it had no record of this merger, no-one has notified it of it.”