Council’s £250k recruitmeant plans for top officers debated by readers

Weston Town Hall.

Weston Town Hall. - Credit: Archant

Plans for North Somerset Council to spend hundreds of thousands of pounds on new bosses have been met with a mixed reception from readers.

The authority has seen three senior officials move to new jobs elsewhere this year, and has agreed to spend around £250,000 filling two vacant positions – chief executive and director of development and environment.

The council will also fork out £27,000 to enlist the help of recruitment consultants Penna, which will advise North Somerset on the appointment.

But the decision to hire the consultants has been labelled ‘appalling’ by Cllr Mike Bell.

He said: “The payment of to consultants to tell them how to compile a job advert and recruit the right staff is appalling.

“This is more than many people earn in a year and is an insult to those who are told there is no money to empty bins, clean our streets or repair our roads and pavements.”

A council spokesman said: “Securing permanent appointments to the chief executive and chief finance officer roles will help ensure the council continues to have the necessary strategic leadership and financial advice and support during a period of significant challenge and change.”

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Many people took to social media to share their view.

Neil Lucas commented: “They seem to be wasting our money like water.

“After the losses at the Tropicana can these people be trusted with taxpayers’ money?”

Jessica Harper wrote: “Sounds like a fair salary for the level of responsibility those positions hold.”

Lewis Treloar said: “Very disappointing. I wish I was on that sort of money.

“I think Mike Bell has a fair point.

“I question how an entity cannot have the ability to advertise a job properly and then judge the quality of job applicants itself.

“It is just another item in a list of recent examples of the council being quite poor at managing its own affairs.”

Rob P Nicholson commented: “You have to pay good money to get good people.

“Who on earth would take on these two senior roles, with all the challenges, without a good salary.

“When will people learn? If you pay peanuts you get monkeys.”

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