Readers react to council leader’s ‘blond buffoon’ criticism of Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson and Cllr Don Davies.

Boris Johnson and Cllr Don Davies. - Credit: Archant

Readers have reacted to comments made by North Somerset Council leader Don Davies about Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

Cllr Davies said Mr Johnson was as a 'blond buffoon with no idea how to deliver Brexit.'

The newly-elected council leader criticised Mr Johnson on the day the latter's leadership of the Conservative Party was confirmed.

But he was rebuked by some councillors at the meeting on July 23.

Cllr Davies, an Independent, was asked about the impact of a no deal Brexit on North Somerset.

He said: "Boris Johnson has no idea - how can we? We're in an extremely difficult position."

He said Brexit may cause issues importing and exporting goods, and cause concern for EU citizens living in North Somerset.

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Conservative councillor Ann Harley said she did not want to listen to Cllr Davies' attacks on Mr Johnson.

Cllr Davies was told by independent council chairman David Shopland not to slate someone 'who can't answer back'.

Cllr Shopland said he would not allow a national debate in the council chamber but added: "We survived in 1914."

Many took to social media to share their views.

Jacqueline Lepoittevin lamented: "Boris is our MP and he's done nothing for our constituents except to visit a few local eateries including an ice cream parlour and a kebab shop."

Daniel John Gray, sarcastically, added: "It's a shame Johnson's isn't a more prominent figure.

"He certainly seems to have his head screwed on a little tighter."

Kente Clarke commented: "Well said (Cllr Davies) and totally correct - an Eton boy whose first commitment was to offer the rich a 10 per cent drop in taxes.

"If the sheep want to give him a chance I don't.

"People still living in poverty and on our streets, this country should have no time for this mini me trump and no way can this idiot bring this country together even after Brexit."

Lisa Marie Hobson stated: "Judge Boris if he fails.

"Don't judge him before he's even started - let him at least get off the start line."

Ian Jelf exclaimed: "'We survived in 1914'?

"The word 'we' is doing a lot of heavy lifting there."

Becky Marshall said: "Another irrelevant loudmouth.

"Politicians who name call are just deflecting from their own inadequacies."