Reveal of possible town centre housing sites sparks concerns among Weston readers

Regent House, in High Street, has been brought forward as a possible site for 39 homes

Regent House, in High Street, has been brought forward as a possible site for 39 homes - Credit: Archant

Readers fear increased strain on infrastructure will be felt Weston after town centre sites which could be harvested for more than 800 homes were revealed.

Dozens of sites were brought forward by landowners after North Somerset Council launched a call for sites exercise as it develops a plan to meet lofty Government targets which require tens of thousands of homes to be built in the district in the coming years.

Among the sites being eyed for development is Weston Rugby Club’s Recreation Ground in Sunnyside Road has been earmarked for 163 homes which would be incorporated in its stadium redevelopment, while the old police depot in Winterstoke Road has been brought forward as a possible location for 38 houses.

Up to 39 flats have been proposed for the upper floors of Regent House, which is home to the Job Centre in the High Street, and a site in Royal Parade could accommodate 22 properties.

Meadow Street and St James Street, home to many independent businesses, could also be in line for developments of 16 and 34 homes respectively.

In total, the council feels the suggestions can deliver up to 819 homes in Weston and hundreds more across North Somerset.

Many people took to social media to share their view.

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Andy Foster wrote: “Current infrastructure doesn’t cater for existing needs, and this will put more pressure on what is in place. I do find it very frustrating the council don’t seem to be interested in listening, let alone doing something about it.”

Dave Frost said: “It’s brilliant these houses would not be on the greenbelt – I’m all for it. There are 90 trains a day out of Weston and these sites are in walking distance to the station. It’s better than building on fields on the edge of town.”

Karen Saunders commented: “Yes homes are needed, but where is the plan for the rest of the infrastructure required?”

“People of Weston open your eyes and do something to shake up this ridiculous council, think very hard next time you vote.”

Kath Williams wrote: “We don’t have infrastructure to cope at the moment, so building more properties isn’t a sensible idea. What planet are they on?”

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