How Weston reacted to plan to place Banksy’s pinwheel in town centre

Banksy's Dismaland, evening and sunset.

Banksy's Dismaland, evening and sunset. - Credit: Archant

The news Banksy’s pinwheel, which was one of the most memorable sights at the artist’s Dismaland exhibition, will be relocated to Weston-super-Mare town centre has been met with a mixed reception from readers.

North Somerset Council has received a £50,000 grant from the Government’s Coastal Revival fund, which will see the brightly-coloured pinwheel refurbished and relocated to an undisclosed place in the centre of Weston.

Banksy’s bemusement park attracted thousands of people, including A-list celebrities, to the Tropicana in 2015 – giving the town’s economy an injection of millions of pounds.

The pinwheel, which has been in storage since it was removed from the Trop, has been gifted to the town and the council hopes it will attract people to Weston.

Many people took to social media to share their view.

Rich Eddins commented: “Banksy’s Dismaland, supported by the council, boosted the local economy by more than £20million. He left the town a priceless piece of art and revitalised the Tropicana.

“The council has secured external arts funding to put it on public display at no cost to local residents. I think Weston is great and the council officers do a good job in impossible circumstances.”

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Dee Malik said: “How can anyone be so pleased to see this? The council is spending thousands of pounds on what is in effect is a plastic windmill, when this town is crying out for the parking and shopping to be sorted out. I’m fuming.”

Ian Baker wrote: “Great, now it just needs to sort out the road network and parking to allow people to come and see it, although I am expecting the Teletubbies to turn up when it starts spinning.”

Leslie Chandler said: “Just what this town needs. Lovely, I mean who needs an A&E department when we can marvel at some plastic windmill in the name of some pretentious person’s notion of art?”

Jordan Maynard commented: “This will be great for the town centre – an injection of fun and significant arts culture.

“I wish people would stop moaning and do something about the things they’re not happy with in the town.”

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