Readers disagree with GP satisfaction survey

Graham Road Surgery. Picture: MARK ATHERTON

Graham Road Surgery. Picture: MARK ATHERTON - Credit: Archant

Readers have commented on news most patients in Weston are happy with GPs services despite long waits for appointments in the town.

The survey conducted by Ipsos MORI, states eight out of 10 people described their experience with doctors as good or very good.

An estimated 9,000 patients responded to the survey, which included questions on appointments, out of hours' services, online services and the overall experience.

More than 90 per cent of people said they had confidence and trust in the healthcare professional they met at their last appointment, while 95 per cent felt involved in decisions taken about their care and treatment.

The overall rating of GP practices in the area 85 per cent is slightly higher than the national average of 83 per cent.

Many took to social media to share their views.

Helen Harris said: "Milton surgery has declined. It's not the doctors it's the appointment system.

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"I'm surprised an elderly or vulnerable person hasn't died due to being unable to secure appointments over the phone.

"Surprisingly it's always empty now when you actually are given an appointment.

"They have got better at replying efficiently to emails via the web form."

Ema Wilson added: "Graham Road was doing really well until the merger (with Clarence Park).

"I feel sorry for the receptionist right now as I'm sure all this mess is taking its toll on them."

Marie Hodgetts commented: "It's not too bad at Longton Grove, though they advise you to go through AskmyGP primarily unless it's an emergency, then to phone 111 or go to A&E.

"Patient Access never has any appointments within the week so it's easier to just do what it asks.

"N|ine times out of 10 my problem has either been solved on the spot or I've been given an appointment."

Fran O'Neill said: "Mendip Vale's St Georges site is good for getting appointments.

"But I don't like seeing different doctors every time and would much prefer to see the same GP every time who knows everything about you and not a blinking computer screen."

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